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Teresa's Bridal Gives Back


What inspired us to start Teresa's Bridal


When my son Jason was 17 years old, he said,"Mom, the women in the middle east got a bad shake, so I'm going to go help them out and I'm going to be right  in the middle of it". My heart sank, but I couldn't fault his reason for wanting to join. At 18, he signed up with the 82nd Airborn Infantry, became a member of the Rapid Response Team. The month he turned 21 he became their Sargent.  When they went into Musa  Quala in Afghanistan, he was wounded,  shot in the chest, his thigh and his    face. My son came home completely intact. Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically intact.  I am so grateful and I know how how blessed we are.  That is why we donate to Wounded Warriors.  

This doesn't explain how wedding gowns became the vehicle of donations to WW.  After Jason was discharged from the Army, he moved to Texas. He got a good education and met a woman in Ft. Worth. They married a few years ago.  She had a beautiful dress, but, it cost $3,000. Then she had it altered 4 times for the perfect fit and had a sweetheart neckline put in. Now, it's a $4,000 dress.  My son got married on a Saturday and went back to work on Monday.  They didn't have a honeymoon. They didn't get to go make their memories. But. She had a $4,000 dress. I just thought that was wrong.  Just wrong. For anyone. I thought it shouldn't cost more than $500 and that should include everything.  I then set myself to work creating a place where that is possible. 

Teresa's Bridal has a very large inventory of wedding gowns. They are all new, well made and beautiful. I have sizes 2~30 in stock, priced $75~$450.  I have a package price. This includes

  1. veil
  2. bride's headpiece
  3. bride's set of jewelry
  4. hair decorations for the bride
  5. earrings for everybody. Moms, grandmoms, bridesmaids
  6. hair clip/band for flower girl
  7. a nightie.... naughty or nice

Hoop skirts and jeweled belts are $25. If you want to upgrade your veil to hand beaded etc. it is $25~$50, depending on which veil you want.  Even with optional upgrades, the whole package is less than $500. 

Why we support Wounded Warriors

We donate a portion of the sales to Wounded Warriors. This is an organization and a cause that is very close to my heart. Our son and son-in-law both served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have met a lof of our soldiers and I am so very proud of each and every one of them. For all of those who have served, you have our gratitude. For all of those who need the services of Wounded Warriors we are proud to support you.